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Dehondt harvest equipment, with its proven technology, includes priceless tools to enhance the cultivation of flax and optimal results.

Pulling machines, turning machines and tractor balers process flax from pulling out to scutching and hackling. Pulling machines pull out all the flax (it is not picked) to preserve the length of the stalk, and therefore the fiber, an intrinsic feature of long fiber flax. The flax rests on the ground in windrows. Then, the retting stage occurs on the soil, which may take from two weeks to two months, depending on the weather. Retting, thanks to the work of micro-organisms (fungus and bacteria that attack the binding between the fibers), separates the fibers from the wood and bark. During this phase, turning machines are used to raise the flax windrows, turn them over, and thereby guarantee homogenous retting. This delicate task occurs at least once. Once the retting has ended, a tractor baler collects the windrows and rolls them into round bales.

This machine is Dehondt Technologie’s “star” product: the tractor baler controls the regularity of the thickness of the windrow before baling.



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