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The flax pulling machine

The basic Dehondt flax pulling machine is the most compact and its width potential is 1.20 meters or 1.40 meters. With its two drive wheels in front and its four equal wheels, the hydrostatic transmission ensures perfect pulling proportionally to its forward movement. The tie between the pulling element and the receiving table guarantees equal pick-up in any position. The machine is equipped with a 4 cylinder, 100 HP engine, hydrostatic steering and a profile shift for the hydraulic table.
This model also exists in a pulling-mowing version for hemp.


Double flax pulling machine

The double Dehondt flax pulling machine is equipped with two pulling elements of a total width of 2.40 meters. The power of its 6 cylinder, 140 HP engine guarantees perfect stability when pulling. The table profile is shifted hydraulically with extremely precise and easy adjustments. The hydrostatic forward motion related to the front two drive wheels and hydrostatic steering provides exceptional ease of maneuver.



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